Some of my habits


One of my long term habits since my childhood. Most of my work are on natural scene and wild animals. If you are interested, please pay a visit to my flickr page

Downhill Skiing

I learned how to ski on 2016-17 winter with my son (he was 4 years old) at Ski China Peak. I admit that I am a slow learner on this (Yes, I fall all the time.) I moved to Los Alamos on summer 2017, and the 2017-18 winter is bad! There is only one beginner trail opened in Pajarito Mountain. Even with this easiest slope, I still crash all the time and I injured my knee which takes couple months to heal. The 2018-19 winter is epic, and my wife joins the skiing group. I got my skill advanced this year from practicing and practicing (Yes, there is no other way.) I learned most of the technique and drills from YouTube, including parallel turns, skidding turns, carving turns, bumps, jumps and some simple tricks. Now, I can ski black lines, trees, and moguls. I have ski in several ski resorts, including
1. China Peak,
2. Dodge Ridge,
3. Sipapu,
4. Pajarito,
5. Wolf Creek.